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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Happy Father's Day!

    Belated, I know. But take pity on me, I don't have internet in the desert. I have to travel to town on a camel -__-
    It's a long and arduous journey.

    Monday, June 15, 2009


    I have. No words. For this.
    I just-


    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Snapshots (But no pictures. What?)

    A few days ago, the HELP Law Society ran a stall selling second-hand items and baked goods to raise money. I - being the loyal student (read: very, very bored with nothing better to do) - helped out. Sorry, I have no pictures to share right now, but instead, have a couple of snapshots:

    DAY 1:

    “So, all these things here are – how much?”

    “One Ringgit.”

    “What? Really?!”

    “I know.”

    “Jeez, might as well buy all these things ourselves and just go home.”


    “You’ve got some frosting on your face. Lower. Lower. Right. Right. Ri- Oh for God’s sake, hold still.”

    “ARGH. You got my shirt dirty!”


    “Vintage accessories! Cookies! Brownies! Cupcakes! Special offer, buy two cupcakes, take home a law student! We’re smart, we can do homework among other things. What?”


    “Are you making fun of my accent? Dude, not cool. I don’t even have a British accent!”


    “Ladies, do we have an offer for you! Spend at least fifteen Ringgit and you can take this young man home with you for free!”

    “So I’m the free gift now?”


    “Oh come on. I demand that I be priced for one Ringgit. I’m not that cheap.”


    “I love shopaholics.”


    “How about it? Two cupcakes, get this law student for free. Look at how tall he is! He could help you change lightbulbs or something.”


    “You know, we’d probably make more money if we sold pot brownies instead. But it’d be kinda ironic, being law students and all… Not to mention illegal…”

    “Or we could sell beer instead of Coke!”


    “Wanna buy some cupcakes? We have a special offer right now. Buy two cupcakes, take a law student home with you!”

    “What am I going to do with a law student?”

    “Do I have to explain it to you? Look, we’re smart. We can do homework. How about this nice young man here?”

    “What the hell?! I’m not gay!”

    “I’m not saying you are! He’s tall! He can do housework! I didn’t say you had to fuck him, just take him!”

    “Why are you so intent on giving me away?”

    “Because you won’t let me make fun of your height.”


    “Ooh, we can stand here with our cigarettes and look bad-ass. Like drug dealers or something. ‘Hey, hey. You wanna buy our stuff? It’s good shit, right here man. All the cool kids are doing it.’”

    End of Part 1.